HHS Library Quarterly Report

January-March 2014

Life in the library...

Students read...

The chart below illustrates circulations this quarter as compared to the other two quarters this year as well as third quarter last year. As has been the case all year, this quarter's circulations were less compared to this time last year. However, circulations increased from second quarter this year. That's encouraging! One interesting number to note is that circulation of nonfiction books was up this quarter as compared to the other three quarters. I have been continuing to work this year to purchase narrative nonfiction books students might find enjoyable to read in addition to books that are primarily useful for research.
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To continue working towards having a collection that meets the needs of all students, 32 books were purchased this quarter. Some of the titles are pictured below.

Students use resources...

This quarter, both the sophomores and juniors worked on writing research papers in their English classes. Sophomores wrote informative papers while juniors wrote argument papers on topics of their choice. In addition, Mrs. Becker's classes came to the library several times during the quarter to use print and online resources to research. Several other teachers brought their students to the library as well to use the space while working on projects and assignments.

The physical and online library...

One fun addition to the physical space this quarter has been a flat screen TV that displays pictures, projects, and other news each week. It's been a good place to post digital assignments students have completed, art students have created with Mrs. Schroeder, and pictures from extra-curricular events in which students have participated. It was fun for me to be able to post pictures from both the boys' and girls' state championship basketball games! I see students turning their heads to look at what's on display as they walk by, so hopefully it has been a good addition!

One addition to the online space for which I am very thankful is another online database district administration purchased for the high school students. It is called "Science in Context" and is published by Gale/Cengage Learning. It has the same format as a database we purchased for this year called "Opposing Viewpoints." The Opposing Viewpoints database has been used frequently as students research this year, and I am confident the Science in Context database has potential to be used just as much over the coming year.

What's next?

One thing I will continue working on in preparation for next year is making either a library folder for iPads or a mobile-friendly library website so that it is as easy as possible for students to access library resources when they begin using iPads in the fall. Also, I am exploring the idea of adding a "charging bar" to the library for students to use as well as making the AV room a dedicated recording space for students and teachers. I want to make sure that as our use of technology increases, the library continues to be a place that is relevant and user-friendly.