Elie Metchnikoff

( Ilya Ilich Mechnikov )

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  • Born May 16, 1845 near Kharkov, Ukraine, Russian Empire (modern day Kharkiv, Ukraine.) Died July 16, 1916 in Paris, France at 71 years old.
  • Began college at 17 years old
  • Received bachelor's degree in natural sciences from University of Kharkov in 1864
  • University of Giessen to study marine biology
  • Doctoral degree at University of St. Petersburg in 1868
  • Professor of zoology and comparative anatomy at University of Odessa from 1870-1882
  • Discovery of Phagocytes and Phagocytosis
  • Contributed to many immune system discoveries
  • Metchkinoff's Cellular Theory of Immunity: Based off of the discovery that in most animals-- including humans-- white blood cells are the first line of defense against acute infections.


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