Pedro Alonso Lopez

"The Monster of the Andes"


His mother was a prostitute with 13 children, and she caught him fondling his younger sister in 1957. and kicked him out of the family when he was eight. He was then picked up by a man, and was raped. At 12, he was adopted by an American family and enrolled in school for orphans. He ran away because he was molested by the male teacher. At 18, he was gang raped in prison and killed three of the five rapists while still incarcerated. Lopez became paranoid of strangers, hiding during the day and hunting for food at night.


After being released from jail, he would search for young girls in Peru. By 1978, he killed over 100 young girls. He was caught by a native tribe, almost executing him, but a american missionary intervened and persuaded them to hand him over to the state police. He then moved to Ecuador, killing about three girls a week. He said, " They are more gentle and trusting, more innocent." The authorities thought to believe the disappearance of the girls was because of prostitution.


Lopez was arrested when he attempted to abduct a young girl, but failed and was trapped by market traders. He confessed to 300 murders. The police believed after a flash flood uncovered a mass grave of his victims. He was arrested in 1980 but was freed by the government in Ecuador in 1998 and deported to Columbia. He was released for good behavior. He was released by Ecuadorian prison on August 31, 1994, and re-arrested an hour later as an illegal immigrant, and handed over to the Columbian authorities who charged him with 20 years murder. He was found to be insane and was held in a psychiatric wing of a Bogota hospital. In 1998, he was declared sane, and was released with a $50 bail.


Stalk, luring,, never killed at night, waited until sunrise, have parties with the corpses. He was an organized serial killer because he would stalk his victims and get to know them and their mothers. He would plan their graves ahead of time.