The many Layers of Tissues

by Olivia Morton


Simple Squamous - It is a single layer of cells. The single layer works well for filtrating and secreting. It forms many blood vessels.

Stratified Squamous- This cell has many layers to it this enables it to protect what is underneath it. This forms the epidermis of our skin.


Simple Cubidular- is a single layer of cells to build this up. The one single layer allows it to absorb nutrients and harmful fluids and also secrete fluids. This is found in Kidneys

Stratified Cubidilar- a lot of cell layers to make up the layer. This is thicker and it enables it to form glands such as sweat glands.


Simple Columnar- This is a single cell layer. The single layer allows for absorption and secretion from the cell.

Stratified Columnar- This is a multiple cell layered cell. The multiple layers allows it to create whole tubes such as the larynx.

Pseudostratified Columnar- This is also a single layer but looks multiple layered. It is cilated which allows it to be part of the respiration and reproductive tubes.