Class Updates

by Mrs. Gaal and Ms. Marrion

Second quarter grades will be released Monday afternoon. Standards/Work Habits checklists for humanities, math/science and Spanish will be sent home Monday as well. Please look for these.

This week's folder contains:

-Stapled rubrics for civilization project and presentation

-Math Cumulative Review #4 – Due Friday, January 30


At the beginning of the week, students spent time reflecting on their civilization project that is now finished. They completed a self-assessment, and they also evaluated the work of their peers. They were able to provide me with feedback about what they enjoyed the most (and least), and ways to improve this project in the future. In this week’s folder are the two rubrics attached to this project: there is one rubric for the part of the project that they were responsible for, and there is also a rubric assessing their presentation skills. Please take the time to read the individual feedback I gave everyone.

Students also spent the week revising their myths and sharing a final draft with the class today. In writing workshop, I gave mini lessons on both revising the content of the story and editing for proper mechanics. We reviewed rules of capitalization, commas, and periods. We watched a video that pointed out commonly misspelled words, and we also reviewed the rules around punctuating dialogue correctly. Coincidently, these are all the items that will be on the rubric for the myths that will be returned next week.


Our focus this past week in math/science was:

  • Continuing our work with division of fractions and its relation to multiplication.

  • Applying these skills to solve related word problems.

  • Calculating kinetic/potential energy word problems remembering the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed.

  • Reinforcing the architectural reasoning behind using the triangle while building.

Ask your child about their newspaper table. What worked well and what they would modify? How many pounds was their structure able to hold? Have them show you a snapshot of their creation.

Next week we will:

  • Continue to work with division of fractions and its relationship to multiplication.

Try another building exercise before we begin constructing rollercoasters. For this we will need newspaper so if you have any at home, please send it in with your child. Thanks to all those families who contributed.