Sir Francis Bacon

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Sir Francis Bacon was a scientist and a English philosopher. He was educated in the classics at Cambridge and in law at Gray's Inn. He sought and obtained public offices in the form that of member of Parliament to the lord Chancellorship, and became a knight. Another object of Bacon's background was the reform learning through the advancement of a nontraditional anti-Aristotelian philosophy, in other words, he really wanted to get a good education so he can for full his dream.


Sir Francis Bacon wrote a famous Essay that went around the Renaissance and is still talked about today. Bacon invented the Scientific Method and every scientist used it and are still today. Also Bacon reached his father's position in the job for the Queen to be the Lord Keeper of the Seal.
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Impacted on Today

Francis Bacon's position in history of science is still debated. To some he was the spokesman for the new science of the modern era because he changed the way people did science. Also Bacon invented the Scientific Method of solving problems, that means he made steps on how to execute the perfect science experiment, by having a hypothesis, process and observation and other steps scientist still use.

Interesting Facts

~Francis Bacon was the 5th son of Nicholas Bacon, his father, who was Queen Elizabeth I's lord keeper of the Great Seal. (A high governmental post)

~Bacon proposed that, through his method of indution, the secrets of the universe could be unlocked and used to benefit society.

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