Technology @ High Point, vol. 20

Tech for teaching and learning in our new space

Fill Your Toolbox!

Well-implemented technology gives classroom staff loads of tools for teaching students with a broad range of learning styles. The time investment in learning new technology will make teaching easier and assist students in advocating for their life-long learning. This newsletter PD is intended to help you learn new technologies at High Point a little bit at a time, slowly filling up your teaching toolbox throughout this chaotic school year.

This Week's Tech Feature:

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AAC Apps

Each classroom at High Point has a collection of iPads with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) apps for staff to use in the classroom to model the use of AAC for students. Students need to see others around them using AAC before they can use it independently. It is important for all staff to be modeling how to use the AAC every day, many, many times each day. It is okay if you struggle to find the words. That will teach students how to keep looking even if the word is hard to find. The important thing is that students see AAC being used all around them and they expect to have access to AAC at all times for everyone, just like we have access to our voices at all times.
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There are 5 apps on your classroom ipads. These are 5 very common AAC apps that you will likely see in your classroom. Please, work with your SLP to identify which app each student should use and how you can encourage use of the app in your class and at home (and everywhere the student will be).
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Use on
  • iPad
  • Mac computers
Symbolstix symbols
To find a word: Tools icon>Search
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LAMP Words for Life

  • Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP)

  • Found on PRC devices (Accent, Prio) or iPad app

  • Unity symbols

  • 84 symbols on full board, no symbols are more than 3 hits to access

  • To find a word: Menu>Word Finder

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  • Web-based interface can be used on all devices (Apple, PC, Android, etc), also iOS and Android apps

  • Uses OpenSymbols

    • Boardmaker and Symbolstix available for $25 Premium Symbol Add-on

  • To find a word: User drop down menu>Find a button

  • Teacher accounts that can be used on all classroom iPads (not student or ATAC Lab ipads) in the classroom are coming soon!

  • Students should have their own account so they can have a smooth transition with their AAC boards when they leave our school. Student accounts can be checked out for ATAC Lab iPads from the ATAC Lab.

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TD Snap

  • Found on Tobii-Dynavox devices (I-series, Indi), also iOS app

  • Boardmaker symbols

  • To find a word: Magnifying glass > enter word

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  • Found on iPads

  • Symbolstix symbols

    • Boardmaker symbols can be purchased for a fee

  • To find a word: Keyboard page >Find Word

  • TouchChat is not yet on classroom iPads. They will be purchased the first week of May in order to take advantage of a big sale and save the district money so we can purchase other iPad apps in the future. Thanks for your patience!

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Who is it for?

Of course, the AAC apps are for all of our students who have difficulty with verbal speech, but the apps on the classroom iPads are for all classroom staff to be able to model for these students using AAC devices in the classroom. This experience of seeing AAC being used will help them learn to use it themselves.
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Setup Instructions

The apps are currently on the number of classroom ipads teachers requested when AT was being identified for the new High Point School. You may have to go through some simple setup screens the first time you use each app, but then they should be easy to access every time you need them.

It is always a good practice to keep your ipads on wifi so they can receive updates as needed and apps can be added or removed as you request. Be sure to charge iPads each night so they are ready to be used in class the next day.

You can use the iPad mounting arms in your classroom to keep an iPad accessible to staff while doing other activities. Then you can easily model without having to hold the iPad, so the modeling fits seamlessly into your activity.


IPads can be cleaned with disinfecting wipes but do not use bleach on touch screens as it will harm the screen. Clean with a damp cloth. Do not soak the iPad in cleaners and do not get any moisture in the ports.

Any damaged iPads should immediately be reported to Technology for repair as they are not safe for student or staff use.

Be sure to charge iPads each night so they are ready to be used in class the next day.

Technology will push out updates to apps and the iPadOS when they have been found to be stable updates that will work well in your classroom. If you feel like you need updates sooner, please contact Technology.

Ideas for Using This Tech in the Classroom