Rime Time w/ The Mariner -100% Rime

By: Chicken Broth, Midget African, and El Pescador

Do you hear the voices?

The Mariner begins to hear voices, one judgemental the other fairly calm and soothing.

The judgemental one questions if the mariner killed the albatross. The other just congratulating him about all the good he has done, in trying to fix what wrong he did.

Dialogue, is this Tarintino?

There is interchangeable dialogue between the two voices. The first is dumb as a nut, the other acts like the older sibling that is done with her crap.

Also, after the dialogue the Mariner awakens, sees land and is able to return to safety after commiting the horrid crime of killing the Albatross. He regrets it, deeply.

How much dialogue?

Can we be serious?

Ok ok... Symbolism!!!!

The word albatross is sometimes used metaphorically to mean a psychological burden that feels like a curse. The ship that the mariner originally set sail on was followed by an albatross, which usually is a sign of good luck. However our little friend the Mariner decided to shoot the poor little bird, which then would bring tragedy and hardship upon the ships voyage. Everything goes wrong and the crew makes sure to blame him for it but only after penance is paid by the good deeds that the Mariner commits is he allowed back on port safe and sound. Somewhat.

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