Margaret Kagan Holocaust Survivor

Rachael McGinnis Academic 2

Have you ever thought about what life would be like during the holocaust? Margaret Kagan lived in Lithuania during the holocaust. She had a younger brother named Alik , a mother from Russia , and a father from Lithuania. Margaret married a man named Joseph in the 1940's. Margaret and Joseph were sent to a concentration camp for several years. They escaped and hid for nine months. Margaret and Joseph were both Jewish prisoners for about 13 years. Margaret never saw her mother and father again. They were both killed.

Margaret and Joseph were caught by the Nazis and put in a concentration camp. They then escaped and hid in a factory attic for nine months. Margaret and Joseph were tracked down by the Nazis and were sent to a concentration camp. Margaret described her time in the camp as "dreadful". The couple were denied food and forced to work extremely hard. Joseph, Margaret, and Joseph's mother hid in a factory attic for nine months. They had to be very quiet during the day and constantly risked being caught and killed by the Nazis. Margaret and Joseph were never caught by the Nazis and neither was Josephs Mother.

Margaret's family was very small. She had no immediate family except for Alik her brother. Both of her parents died before the war ended. The concentration camp Margaret was sent to was very harsh, and Joseph hated the living conditions just as much as Margaret did. The attic was very stressful and very dangerous for the three people, but they all lived to tell their stories. Margaret died at the age of 86. They both had great lives after the war. The couple moved to England and started "Kagan Textiles" Joseph made and patented a new cloth called Gannex. The two left their old lives behind,but we will always remember them.