Fifth Grade Weekly News

Friday, October 28th, 2016

Things to Remember:

1. Nichols Dash donations due Friday, November 4th.

Notes from PTA:

Upcoming Events

10/28 Nichols Dash

11/7 Spirit Night – Mooyah

11/29 Multi-Cultural Night

Don’t forget, Nichols Dash Donations are due 11/4. Students may receive incentive prizes and chance drawing tickets for donations. Donations can be cash or checks (payable to Nichols PTA) turned into the teacher or made online at:

Watch D.O.G.S.: Calling all Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles...Interested in helping at the school for a day?

Register your Kroger Rewards Card, and help our school earn funds!

Enter Nichols Elementary School number 90723


We just finished our unit on decimals this week and had our CBA on Thursday. We will go over the CBA on Monday (be looking for their reflection sheet on Monday). Next week we will begin our fraction unit. Students will learn how to add and subtract fractions/mixed numbers with uncommon denominators by finding a common multiple to find equivalent fractions.


This week students explored how light reflects and refracts in stations. These vocabulary words are easily confused. Please make sure your child is looking over picture vocab. on STEMscopes and completing the post-assessment. See how you can relate these words to your everyday life! Next week we will design experiments to test forces.


Students will continue with their Media Literacy lessons. Students will explore informal media to find authors purpose, intended audience, and the message. They will also create their own advertisement using advertising strategies.

Social Studies:

Students will be studying the Effects of the American revolution and will create a newspaper ad to display how the American Revolution effected the colonists.

HW Quote: Hancock and Franklin

Maps: Wyoming and Wisconsin


We began our unit on Expository essays and learned the structure and purpose. Next week we will finish our planning using a boxes and bullets graphic organizer, write a rough draft, and begin revising.

Spelling and Grammar:

Adverbs of frequency and intensity, Spelling list 2 Latin suffix 'able (worthy)

Graded Work:

Most graded work goes home in the Thursday folders. If your child fails an assignment, they must get it signed by you and they can redo the wrong questions on a separate piece of paper and staple it to the original and turn back into their teacher. However, reading responses and some SS assignments are done in reading or SS notebooks. Make sure your student is bringing these notebooks home at least once per week to show you their graded work. A list of graded ELAR/SS assignments can be found on the ELAR website