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VOLUME 4, NUMBER 5: July 25, 2022

Message from the Principal . . . UPDATE #1

Corner Middle School Families,

Today is the first of several daily updates containing information you will need in preparation for the opening of the new school year. If you have completed the online registration process for your student(s) in Power School, you "signed" that you and your student would read the Jefferson County Schools Student-Parent Handbook. You indicated with your signature that you and your student understood the policies contained in that document and that your student would abide by the policies of the district.

When you check that box in the registration portal and electronically sign, you "acknowledge by our signatures that we have received and read, or had read to us, the local school’s handbook and the Jefferson County School District Student and Parent Handbook, which contains a copy of “It’s the Law.” We understand that these policies apply to all students and parents in the public schools; to school campuses, the immediate vicinity of the school, school buses or other school-owned vehicles; and to school-related activities and events. We further acknowledge by our signature that we have read, or had read to us, the sections on Truancy and Attendance, the section on Digital Learning, and the section on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act which allows schools to disclose directory information that is not considered harmful or invasive unless parents have advised the school that they do not want their student’s information disclosed without their prior consent."

Many families may not have had the time to save, print, or read that document, so we are providing a digital copy of it to you in this update. Below are PDF copies of the document in English and in Spanish. Below those documents is a list of key changes that are in this year's document. It is important that you review these with your student(s). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the school.

Looking ahead . . .

  • Tuesday, July 26th Dress Code Updates
  • Wednesday, July 27th Cell Phone and Digital Media Policy
  • Thursday, July 28th Chromebook Information
  • Friday, July 29th Schedules
  • Saturday, July 30th FAQs and Grab Bag Topics
  • Sunday, July 31st Regular Weekly Buzz
  • Monday, August 1st Morning Drop Off / Afternoon Pick-Up
  • Tuesday, August 2nd Registration Follow-Up / Updates
  • Wednesday, August 3rd Health and Medical Updates
  • Thursday, August 4th Bus Information
  • Friday, August 5th Attendance Information
  • Saturday, August 6th Child Nutrition / Cafeteria Information
  • Sunday, August 7th Regular Weekly Buzz
  • Monday, August 8th Last Minute Reminders

Due to our receipt of regularly changing information and district updates, this information release schedule is subject to change. Thank you for your continued support of your student, our faculty and staff, and the administration of Corner Middle School! Enjoy your week!

Michael Manning


Corner Middle School

The 2022-2023 Jefferson County Schools Student and Parent Handbook

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Big picture

Key Changes and Additions in This Year's Student-Parent Handbook

The following key changes and/or additions have been made to this year's handbook. Please take a moment to review with your student(s).

  • 1.07 MINOR DISRUPTION ON A SCHOOL BUS - The violation of any school bus rule may result in a disciplinary action under the School Bus Code CONCURRENTLY with/and in addition to any other disciplinary action prescribed for a Class I behavior.

  • 2.02 MAJOR VIOLATION OF ACCEPTABLE USE AGREEMENT - Any major violation of the Student Network Access and Acceptable Use Agreement including but not limited to: A. Searches for, visits, or transmits restricted websites, applications, social media, or other digital content on an electronic device; B. Successfully or unsuccessfully attempts to bypass internet or network filters by using proxies or other resources; C. attempts to access accounts or computers under another individual’s credentials; D. records, transmits, or posts photographs, images, or video of a person or persons on campus during school activities and/or during school hours without authorization by school administration; E. deliberately causes damage of less than $100.00 to public property. In addition to consequences for a Class II described herein, the student’s technology or computer privileges may be modified, suspended, or terminated.

  • 2.07 HARASSMENT - With intent to harass, annoy, intimidate, or alarm whether socially, physically, or emotionally, a student: B. directs abusive or obscene language or makes an obscene gesture towards a staff member (K-5); See 3.15 for (6-12) .

  • 2.08 INTERMEDIATE BUS INFRACTIONS: - See bus Code. The violation of any school bus rule may result in a disciplinary action under the School Bus Code concurrently with and in addition to any other disciplinary action prescribed for a Class II behavior.

  • 2.11 STEALING - The intentional unlawful taking, possessing, and/or carrying away or the attempted unlawful taking, possessing, and/or carrying away of property valued at less than $100.00. Restitution may be required. Found property should be turned into school officials immediately.

  • 3.12 INCITING OTHERS - Inciting, promoting, publicizing, participating in, leading, encouraging, or assisting in a major disturbance which results in destruction or damage to private or public property, personal injury, substantial disruptions to the orderly learning environment, or which poses a threat to the health, safety, and/or welfare of students, employees, or others. This includes, but is not limited to, recording, transmitting, or posting photographs, images, or video of students engaged in a physical altercation occurring at school or during a school activity.

  • DRESS AND GROOMING GUIDELINES 1. Hats, caps, hair picks, bandanas, visors, and sunglasses must be removed and placed in the locker or designated area and remain during the school day. Students may not wear a hood during the school day.

  • DRESS AND GROOMING GUIDELINES 8. Insignias, buttons, clothing, backpacks, or other articles of personal property, which are suggestive of alcohol, tobacco, vulgarities and violence, are drug-related, or are demeaning to other persons are not allowed at school or during school-sponsored events.

  • ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL Sunscreen: Students can possess and use FDA regulated over-the-counter sunscreen at school and school-based events without the need for parent or doctor’s permission if the student is able to self-apply the sunscreen. Any student, parent, or guardian requesting that a school board employee apply sunscreen to a student shall present to the nurse a Parent Prescriber Authorization Form (PPA) containing a parent or custodian signature. A physician signature or physician order shall not be required. ACT NO: 2017-278 (Effective May 16, 2017).

  • CARE OF DEVICES A. The device is the property of Jefferson County Schools and all users should follow the procedures outlined in the JEFCOED Acceptable Use Agreement. B. Students are responsible for the care of the device(s) assigned to them. C. Adding stickers, markings, or other cosmetic alterations is prohibited. D. Identifying information on the device added by the school or manufacturer may not be removed. E. Students should only use the device(s) assigned to them. F. Damaged or malfunctioning devices must be turned in to the school for evaluation and/or repair as soon as the damage or malfunction is discovered. G. Cords and cables should be inserted carefully into the device to prevent damage. H. Devices should not be left unattended, in an unlocked locker, or in a vehicle. I. Students should protect the device from extreme heat or cold, food or liquids, small children, and pets. J. In case of theft, the school must be notified immediately so a police report can be filed. K. Deliberate damage to a device and/or device accessories, including but not limited to, cases, cords, and headphones, as determined by the school administrator or Director of Technology may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Student & Parent Handbook and restitution may be required. [THIS ENTIRE SECTION IS NEW TO THE HANDBOOK THIS YEAR AND SHOULD BE READ VERY CAREFULLY BY FAMILIES.]

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Corner Middle School is committed to empowering our students as they build a foundation for college, career, and community success in a nurturing environment.

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Our vision at Corner Middle School is to ensure our students are academically, emotionally, and socially prepared for challenges they may encounter in the next phases of their lives.

Our Beliefs

Corner Middle School believes we will accomplish our Mission and Vision in serving our community of learners by:

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