U.S. Mobilization

The nation's industry, workforce, armed forces & propaganda.

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Come Join The Draft!

This picture above is a campain used for the Selective Service Act. This was used to get people to sign up for the draft so they could fight in WWI. Throughout the war 24 million Americans registered to fight in the war.

Effects of war on women and African Americans.

The war didnt affect the number of women working during WWI but it did change where some of them worked. Some women filled in where men usually worked. Some women made weapons and were doctors and nurses. Alot of women went from doing domestic work to working in factories but it ended when the men returned. But thats only how it affected women it also affected African Americans. Many of the African Americans joined the war, but the army segregated them and assigned them to do menial labor, and they sighned the black combat unit to french command. Some African Americans also saw jobs open up in the north (like working in auto factories) and were part of the Great Migration to the north.