Ms. Sekel's Classroom

April Newsletter

What is 4K doing in April?

Wow! It is already April and the end of the year is fast approaching. Ms. Sekel's students have been learning and growing all year! We have learned lots about letters, sounds, numbers, and sharing! There are so many more things to learn before the end of the year. Ms. Sekel's students have been learning about how Kindergarten students act and we are working on transitioning into elementary school. Everyone is excited for summer and to go to elementary school next year!

This April we have been super busy!! We have done so much and have so many events still to come. We have been learning and exploring about lots of things, so make sure you scroll down to learn about what our class has been up to and what is going to happen in the future!

New Unit on Seasons

Our class will begin a new unit on the seasons. On April 14th, we will start our unit by going outside and looking at the new buds on trees. We will talk about why why trees lose their leaves and how they start growing new leaves. We will then, gather some leaves and sort them by color, size, and shape. We will read lots of books like, I See Spring, Flowers and Showers, and Seasons, . We will also learn about foods that are grown in the spring, like rhubarb and kiwis. I have arranged a field trip to Perkin's Greenhouse where the students will get to see flowers and vegetables that are grown in there.

We will learn a song, “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” in class. The song and materials will come home in your child’s folder. This song is great tool for numbers, rhyming, and reinforcing our theme. I hope you enjoy singing it together at home!

Lastly, I also enjoy volunteers to come into the classroom or to come on the field trips with us. It is a great way to see what is happening in our classroom. Your time and effort is what makes our 4-K classroom so memorable and valuable. Please contact me about more information to volunteer!

Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle!

Ms. Sekel's class is talking about how we can reduce, reuse, and recycle items. In class we read a book about landfills and where garbage goes when we throw it in the trash. We learned that there is a lot of trash! We also reused milk cartons, newspaper, bottles, and plastic bags to make our own creations. We made lots of personal creations with the materials like, rocket ships, cars, kites, and dolls. Our class dressed Ms. Katie as a "Recycle Superhero!" She wore a cap, boots, and mask. She helped us sort materials into categories, like landfill, recycle, or reuse bins. If anyone has extra newspaper, plastic bottles, or plastic bags we can use them in our classroom-so make sure to bring them in! Do you reuse things at home? Bring in a example to Ms. Sekel and she can share it with the class! Don't forget to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd!

Dr. Seuss' Birthday!

Ms. Sekel's class also celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday. We read "Cat in the Hat" and all made red and white hats to wear. The hats were made out of paper plates and red paper! We also got to read "Green Eggs and Ham" and try green eggs for snack. Some of us liked it, and some of us didn't! Make sure to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday at home by reading "One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish" at home. The book was sent home to each student!!

Phonics Pratice

Phonics and knowing letter sounds is an important skills that Ms. Sekel's super learners have been practicing. Follow this link to a fun song that the students love, but it also great exposure to all the letter sounds in the alphabet.

April Birthdays!

Look who turned 5?

Caroline-April 12th

Penny-April 23th

DADs (Dads Advising Dads)

DADs is a leadership committee that meets on Wednesday's each month. It promotes father advocacy with children. Guest speakers are at every meeting and dinner is also provided. Come meet other Dads and learn about activities to promote healthy child/father relationships! The next meeting is at:

April 23rd at 7 p.m.-8 p.m.

Meet in the library of Smith Elementary School

321 Smith Ave.

Play and Learn Group

All are welcome! Join this fun and free play group for pre-school aged children. You and your child will experience story time, hands on activities, and lots of learning through play! Snack will also be provided as well as, community resources and the food pantry.

Dates: May 2nd 9am-11am and May 9th 9am-11am. Hope to see you there!!

About Ms. Sekel

My name is Mary Claire Sekel. I am a 4-year old Kindergarten teacher at Smith Elementary School! Feel free to email me if you have any questions!