Authentic Pedagogy

By Julie Roos


When high intellectual tasks are given to middle school math students their ability to understand and apply their learning will significantly increase; higher academic student performance as measured on assessments.

Sample math task


  • An authentic instruction criteria rubric was used to determine the level of authentic teaching present in their classroom.
  • Performance data collected was classroom grades, Measure of Academic Progress (M.A.P.) growth, and Iowa Testing Program (ITP) achievement rating.
  • These data pieces were analyzed to see if classroom A, with high authentic instruction, had more effect on students’ academic performance than the classroom B or C with lower authentic instruction.



The data from this research indicates that there is a connection between student performance and the quality authentic instruction present in their respective math classroom. The classroom where students were exposed to more authentic math tasks, outperformed the students in the other classrooms based on classroom grades and ITP and M.A.P. standardized assessments.