Lights At Night

By: Nerisha

My Experience

My experience going to downtown Toronto was overall very interesting and different. It was interesting because there were so many unique characteristics about this city such as high rise buildings and the environment was very different compared to what a suburban environment is like. The environment was different because all the streets were crowded with people and there were cars coming from every direction. This city not only is crowded, but it is also filled with many attractions people would want to see and be a part of, such as institutional buildings, industrial building and services. With an urban city like Toronto, there are always buildings that are mostly open if not always open for people to access at all times. Does this city ever take a break?

What I Learned On The Downtown Toronto Trip!

I have learned many new things about this urban city. I used to think urban cities like Toronto, were just made up of buildings and lots of people. But, there's much more to the process of building an urban area. I have learned there are not much open space due to the industrial changes made for this type of community. Also, I learned the cost of living in such places like Toronto is very expensive however, you are not paying a lot of money for residential purposes, the cost is all based on the location.

Video Description

This is a fairly recent video of what downtown Toronto looks like. The video shows how Toronto is an urban city where there are many people walking about in the streets and there are also many high rise buildings, along with high end stores. There is very limited green spaces as it is mostly made up of industrial changes.
Downtown Toronto Ontario Canada 2011


In conclusion, living in an urban area is much more than just buildings, it is also the way changes have been made to this type of community, like industrial changes, in order to be called a prime location.