Al Capone The Mobster

Al Capone's Life

Capone's Early Years

Capone's Early Years-

The notorious mobster known as Alphonse Gabriel Capone AKA "Scar Face" was born on January 17, 1899. Is parents were Teresina and Garbiel Capone. His family immigrated from Italy. He grew up in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. As he got older he started school in New York. The teachers were rough on him because was an immigrant. At 14 he got in a fist fight with his teacher, he got expelled, and never returned again

Capone's Crimes PT 1

Valentines Day Massacre-

The Valentines Day Massacre was a brutal massacre on 7 people. This happened because Al thought that his partners were back-stabbing him and taking his business. On the day of Valentines Al invited Moran and his men to a banquet. They wined and dined and then at the very end of the banquet Al took out a bat and then started beating all of them. They were defenseless with only there hands as a defense. Al beated them all to death in cold blood and a hunch that they were backstabbing Al.

Capone's Crimes PT 2

Tax Evasion-

Capone did a lot of crimes he murdered, he's a mobster, and he bootlegged. They were going to try to catch him for tax evasion but none of his possessions were in his name. So the fed's could not catch Capone for anything until when the were rooting through his house and found a ledger. It was written in secret code. A while later while the were trying to crack the code the thought about giving up until on of the government men/women saw a crack through the code and figured it out. So they could finally catch him for something. But Capone wasn't scared he just figured he could pay or scare his way past jail. Until the judge switch the jury to people that Capone didn't pay or scare or and that day he got caught with tax evasion.

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State Prison

State Prison-

For tax evasion Capone went to a state prison in Atlanta. But kept getting in trouble.



Al Capone went to Alcatraz because he could not follow the rules in the stare prison. In that prison he started suffering from Syphilis. He was in Alcatraz for 11 years and was released on November 16, 1930.

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Capone's Final Day's

Capone's Final Day's-

Capone died from Neuro-Syphillis on January 25, 1947 and was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Illinois.