Chief Marketing Officer

Career Opportunity for CMO!

If you are a highly motivated individual with a passion for K & K Advertising Company along with a commitment to excellence and senior leadership experience within the Canadian advertising industry, we want YOU! K & K is the maker of the many famous and successful advertisements for family products and the leader in the advertising industry!

This position is located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Due to our rapid growth and our strategic vision to be the #1 advertising company in the world, our company has an opportunity for a passionate, hardworking and dedicated individual to join out team and help run the marketing department!

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Job Description

Our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) would be responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of our company's marketing and advertising initiatives

The CMO leads sales management, product development, distribution channel management, marketing communications (including advertising and promotions),pricing, market research, and customer service. Every one of these responsibilities depends upon the CMO's ability to multitask while managing the whole department. CMOs must be able to explain a wide range of concepts across the specialized disciplines that power his or her company.
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The day-to-day tasks the you might have to accomplish at K & K are often categorically different from one another, due to the nature of the CMO's skill set. Therefore, in a given day the CMO completes tasks that fall into many different categories:

  • Analytical tasks, such as pricing and market research,
  • Creative tasks such as designing advertising and promotions,
  • Interpersonal tasks such as coordinating many different styles of thinking in a single team.
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  • Bachelor's degree or master's degree in business administration, marketing or any other relevant field
  • A Master's of Business Administration (MBA) with a marketing specialty provides candidates with marketing theories and strategies as well as management skills and a business background. Because marketing requires effective and creative communication, chief marketing officers may also hold a degree in journalism, communications, advertising, or public relations.


  • experience working in either a marketing consulting firm

"The more the merrier" is a perfect way to say what qualifications one should require if applying to become a CMO. The more education and job experience you hold, the stronger of a candidate you are.

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  • Communication
  • Adaptibility
  • Collabrative Leadership
  • Promote Inovation
  • Customer Obession
  • Analytical
  • Idea Developer
  • Tech Savvy
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K&K HQ: 416-551-5264

K&K HR Department: 416-229-5781

K&K Marketing Office: 647- 335-9829

Email: k&