The American Graffiti Artist

The single american graffiti artist with two kids

Moving day!!

Packed all my paint and i'm ready to get to the new studio! So excited to live on the job site, the kids are a bit skeptical but I think they'll like it.... It's like a new canvas!!!!

It's time to get to work!!!

We just arrived at our new home and ALREADY the kids and I have so many cool ideas on what to create on the walls!!!! The blank walls literally look like a painting wanted to be painted!!!!!!!! Sooooo excited for the community to see me and my kids create!!!
Big picture

First meal in the new city!

Its only fair upon arriving to our new home to get a sense of the culture here, so me and the kids headed into town to try some local food ... we decided to try "Terras". It was so cool and the food there was amazing, I think we are going to like it here!! #yum

Friday fun day

Just took the kids to the Historic Brownsville Museum to get an idea of the history of Brownsville and also have fun while doing it !!!!! The kids loved it, 10/10 recommend going there!!!!

Ran out of paint

I started working hard on some painting and I Realized I must've left a little bit of paint back at our old home. So I headed up to the store to purchase some more!
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History of brownsville

As a graffiti artist its important to understand the history of the area in which we are working so we can create art with a message. Art without meaning is like a book without a story, Blank and uninteresting. So I started to read this article on the history of Brownsville and there so much things I would have never known like that it was founded by an american entrepreneur, Charles Stillman after he developed a successful river boat company nearby.

Whats the point!!!!

Whats even the point or having the border between the U.S. and mexico?!? We should be building bridges NOT BORDERS!!!! It does just create divide between the land, it creates one between people! After I went to buy the paint I had a conversation with the store clerk and turns out the rest of her family lives in mexico... So sad to see families split over politics. I think I have my first field work job.... the border wall

First Field Job

I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what to spray-paint on the border wall, There's so many things I could do and the wall is so massive! I think I'm going to make it look like there is a hole through the wall with a child on one side and the rest of a family on the other... Kind of like the picture below but more dramatic, Let me know what y'all think!!!
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Christina Jiminez

I just followed Christina Jiminez on Twitter and I love her work! She is a Ecuadoran immigration activist who co-founded United We Dream in 2008 and won the Freedom From Fear Award in 2017. She is an anti-wall activist and her work is absolutely amazing! Y'all should go follow her on twitter and check her out yourselves!!!

Global Street Art

I just followed Global Street Art on twitter as well, some of their graffiti art they post is soooo cool! They post art work that really puts a new perceptive on walls and angles. If you like art as much as I do you should definitely check them out!! (I'll link their page as well)