The Juliano Journal

Week of February 1-5

Dear Families,

Hello! Hopefully you all have had a great week.

The Meerkats had so much fun celebrating their hard work and positive choices by going bowling this morning! Thank you again to our WPO who paid for all the Meerkats to go. Please continue to remind your third grader to follow expectations at school so he/she can remain a part of the Meerkat Club. We have lots of fun activities planned for the rest of the year!

The Valentine's Day party will take place on Friday, February 12th at 11am. Students are encouraged to bring valentines for their classmates. I have sent home a list of the students in our class in case your child would like to personalize his/her valentines. I have also attached the class roster in my email to you. Students will be decorating valentine bags at school, so please do not worry about making anything at home to bring in. :)

Have a fabulous weekend! :)

Miss Juliano

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Curriculum News

Language Arts

The students spent time this week in the computer lab publishing their brochures on migrating animals. The students used Google Slides to create their brochures. They had so much fun typing their information, finding pictures and changing fonts as they completed their brochures. They all look AWESOME!

Next week the students will learn about immigration. We will discuss the different causes for people to immigrate to the United States, and what the effects of immigrating are.


This week we discussed some common polygons and students learned how to name them. We then spent time talking about angles. Students learned how to draw angles and they also measured angles using a special angle measure tool. Lastly, we reviewed what symmetry is and how to find lines of symmetry.

What a busy week we had! Next week we will discuss congruent figures and review 3-dimensional shapes.


This week students learned what density is. We discovered that some objects float when dropped in water so that means they are less dense than water, while other objects sink in a cup of water which means they are more dense than water. Through an interactive investigation, students also discovered that warm water is less dense than room temperature water and cold water is more dense than hot water.

Important Dates

Tuesday, February 9th: WPO Meeting- 7pm

Thursday, February 11th: Nick's Pizza Fundraiser- 4-10pm

Friday, February 12th:

  • Valentine's Day Party- 11am
  • Students dismissed at noon

Monday, February 15th: Presidents' Day- no school