Panda Family News

Faculty Updates for Week of 3-08-2021

WPE Vision

We have HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR EVERYDAY. We require Excellence from our students and ourselves. We begin and end with positive interactions, camaraderie and support for each other, students and parents because RELATIONSHIPS HOLD THE KEY to success.


MARCH 2021

  • Tuesday, March 9 - TACO TUEDAYS! (Breakfast will be served to all staff)
  • Monday, March 15 through 19th - Spring Break Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
  • Monday, March 22nd - Teacher Workday
  • Wednesday, March 24-5th Grade Reading MOCK STAAR
  • Thursday, March 25- 5th Grade Science MOCK STAAR
  • Monday, March 29- 5th Grade Math MOCK STAAR
  • Tuesday, March 30 3rd/4th Math MOCK STAAR
  • Wednesday, March 31 3rd/4th Reading MOCK STAAR

APRIL 2021

  • Friday, April 2 - Good Friday Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
  • Friday, April 9 - Spring Pictures (Classroom & Individual)
  • Friday, April 16. 5th Grade Manner's Banquet - more info to come
  • Friday, April 23 - Super Kids Day

Campus Updates

  • New Clear Touch screens have been delivered and assembled and they are rolling out to 2nd and 3rd grade! Very exciting! Our goal is to have clear touch screens in all grade levels in the next couple of years
  • While TEA has ruled that face masks will continue being required in public schools they have left it up to local school boards to follow or over rule. What ever your opinion please fill out the staff survey and the parent survey if that applies to you.
  • SKD will be one day, APRIL 23- there will be no specials this day as specials teachers will be helping out all day with this event.


  • Last week of school before the break. Some kids are excited some are dreading it. As always keep routines and structure tight and engagement on point.
  • Get those reports card done! Then walk out of here Friday ready to relax!


Favorite Chrome Extension of the Week: Screen Shader - Shades Chrome to a soothing orange color to decrease eye-strain, eye fatigue and to appease your brain's day/night cycle.

Want to help students learn email etiquette for better communication??? Click here to get tips to help kids thrive using email communication in the virtual classroom.


3-13-2021 - Ms. Doucet


Naomi Przygoda you are doing a fantastic job on literacy Stations! ~ Laura

Ashli Gonzales your 'find a need, fill a need' warms my heart! Your project for hygiene and self care is compassionate! ~ EVERYONE

Katie- thank you for getting our love wall going! it is AMAZING!~ Wendy

Brittany Rapsilver we are SOOO glad to have you! Thank you for jumping in mid-crazy and THANK YOU Sheila Collier for continuing to be a resource!


Counseling Resources:

Below are 2 opportunities to receive FREE counseling

University of St. Thomas Staff Counseling

Harris Center Counseling

To do: Thank you so much for signing up for a guidance time! I am looking forward to seeing all of you and your students next week! The schedule was sent out in an email so please sign up if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet.

Goodness what a time this is, and I absolutely believe that each of you are here for such a time as this! Our community has experienced many different emotions and unique experiences over these past few weeks/months. Below are three resources that can help during this time. Please reach out if you have a family that you would like for me to reach out to and help with needs they may have. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Winter Storm Resources

Helping Children Cope

Project Reach