Adolf Hitler: The Wicked Man

By: Frank Kontely

Adolf's Evil Deeds

Adolf Hitler is famous because he started World War II for power,he was very greedy and selfish. He even left the Germans with the problems of the war when it was over. He was not there to deal the after effects because he committed suicide because of how greedy he was. He killed many people just because of their so called "race", mostly the Jews. He disrespected many people and called them "things" ,not people.
Adolf Hitler Biography
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Adolf's Hard Childhood

His dad was very disrespectful to Adolf all the time. His dad beat him if he made a very little mistake, sometimes he even beat him for no reason at all, this made Adolf tough and stubborn but it also changed his life. He was stubborn in school to, so he only tried in subjects he enjoyed. Then at one point he didn't try at all. His dad died, and he had a little bit more freedom but his personality didn't change at all. He pleaded to his mom to quit school. His mom loved him so she couldn't stop it from happening though. Then when he got older he failed art school two times and this made him even more stubborn. He also read a book about how the German race was better than the Jewish so then he joined the German army, this gave him the love for war. So later in life this affected him because then he wanted to be the ruler of Germany and gain power. Now that he knew that he was "better" than everybody else he thought he would be a great ruler.

Adolf's Greedy Moments

One of his moments is when he tells his general to fight to the death. He does not let him surrender even though they don't have a chance to survive. This shows that he is greedy and does not care about other people's lives. This also shows that he will fight until he wins. He will not stop until he wins or loses.

At the last moments of Germany's part of the war he killed himself. This shows that he may have started the war but he will still not take the blame. He also is just leaving the rest of the German people clean up the mess that he made.

He was a very greedy man.

Fun Facts

  1. Adolf Hitlers two favorite movies are King Kong and Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
  2. He likes playing with blocks, he likes to build things with the blocks, like buildings. Then he likes to use a miniature cannon and knock down the blocks. He also likes knocking down toy "enemy" soldiers.
  3. He is addicted to sweets, like chocolate and syrup covered bonbons and he puts at least seven teaspoons in every cup of tea he drinks.
  4. When he was younger he used to listen to operas.
  5. He got married at the end of his life.
  6. He was married for one day before he committed suicide.
  7. He liked reading about Indians when he was younger
  8. He lied during speeches to get peoples attention. For example, before he was chancellor he said things like, he would make Germany better, he would respect everybody, and he would make reasonable laws.
  9. When he was really young he was just a normal boy, not as evil as he is known for today.
  10. He had a friend named August Kubizek, when he was younger.

These are some more facts about Adolf Hitler

My Theory

Adolf Hitler changes from a normal boy, to a stubborn person, to an evil stubborn, disrespectful, person that thinks he is better then everyone else. He was any normal kid like me who was acted like any normal kid, but then when his dad started beating him he because stubborn and mad. Then he got so mad that it turned him into an evil person. He always wanted people to agree with him and he had a lot of tantrums. In conclusion, he was just like you and me until his his dad came along and made him evil. But that's not the only thing when he joined the army this started his thirst for war.