For Darkness Shows The Stars

by nicole anderson

Elliot is......

•she is one of the most caring people you will ever meet

•She's hard working and stays true to who she is

•She's very loving

•She thinks through everything (thoughts, actions, words) and the effect or impact it will have on others

•She's is sometimes jealous of people who are with people that she wants to be with or doing something she wants to be doing

Vaction items

Elliot would bring a pencil and writing paper, all the letters from Kai and a wheat bundle. She would bring a pencil and writing paper so she could write to Kai. She would write Kai because she loved him. (Text evidence: "For you I'll do anything.") She would take all the letters from Kai because they were important to her. (Text evidence: "If he saw shed kept the letters, he'd know how much she still cared. She would take wheat because it was special, important to her. (Text evidence: "It was her special wheat. Her important wheat").

Elloit on vacation

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She maybe with put Kai but shes happy and thats what matters most