Xavier Rico 2/Ms Green

Coral reef

The coral reef food web

the krill is an decomposed because it eats marine algae and a plankton is a decomposed just like an whale shark cause it decomposes the other animals for its hunger same thing as hump back whale eats lots of fish and decomposes them and also a dugong and a white lipped reef shark too and humans mess with there ecosystem from throwing trash in the water because the die from the trash thrown in the water and dangerous for all sea animals life's. The consumers are the white lipped shark and the humpback whale and the clown fish and clam and the decomposes are marine algae and plankton krill and other animals and the sea horse.

The commensalism and mutualism and parasitism

How humans mess with sea life

the humans us we need to stop messing with the coral reef and all kinds of sea life down in the bottom of the ocean and everything like fish coral reef fish sharks sea crab sea horse and all kinds of animals down in the bottom.

Three of my animals in coral reef food web

WHITE LIPPED CORAL REEF SHARK eats any thing in its path like All the fishes and like another animal in the sea is the HUMPBACK WHALE eats lots of fish every day and the CLOWN FISHeats baby fishes