A Summary of My Year

Alexis Lozano

About Me

I am a soon to be Junior and my 16th Birthday is in 3 weeks! I live with my parents, my 2 brothers, and my baby sister. I love to do art, weither its painting, drawing, or coloring, you will always see my hands busy on a project of mine. I am very thankful for every morning i wake up to see my friends and mostly my family. (:

Year at a Glance

Being a sophmore has been GREAT! I have some good memories and some what bad, but overall this year will never be forgotten. You learn that coming in the school for your 2nd year you know what to expect with high school weither it is bullies, relationships, or fighting. You know the year will always end with everyone coming together and laughing at those situations.

Dream Vacation

My Dream Vacation would probably have to be New York City, because i want to major in Art and i heard there is a great school up there. It is a great place to get reconized and to start a career. It is a beautiful city and maybe i could start something there and it can become important to me! im exicted to start my dream and become famous! (:
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To all you that are going to be sophmores next year, I just wanted to say if you dont like taking end of the year test then DONT skip class, be tardy, or absent! At the end of the year it will all be worth it when you can be home in bed that taking test! Also, dont let anyone bring you down. Just hold your ground! You are surrounded by great teachers who are great listeners and helpers!
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Relaxing Music ( Instrumental Piano )