Almost Home



Sugar Mae Cole and Reba cole live in a small house together. Sugar's father had a gambling problem and used to live in that house until he left. Just months later Sugar's grandfather died. Sugar really looked up to her grandfather and was sad when he passed away. One day the Cole's went to a store and Sugar sat on a bench near a little girl who was crying beside her dad. The little girl ran to Sugar and handed her a puppy who's name was shush. Sugar loved shush and begged Reba to keep the puppy. Finally her mother said yes. A few days later the Landlord came and kicked them both out of the house because of money issues. They slept in their car that night. They soon headed to a homeless shelter in Chicago. A few days later Sugars mother became sick and went to a hospital. At the hospital there was A lady who later took Sugar and shush to a foster home. Later Sugar realizes that while she can't control the hand life deals her she can control how she responds.
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Reba and Sugar lived in a small house in Missouri. Sugar went to a small school in Missouri that she had to take three different bus rides to. They went to the store and pet shop. Sugar and Reba went to a homeless shelter in San Francisco. Sugar waits in the park and Reba arrives soon. That same day Reba gets sick and ends up in the hospital. Then Sugar gets sent to a foster home where she almost looses her dog but gets lucky. The setting is depressing and gloomy.