September 29



We will compare and describe properties of matter.

I will create an odd one out for properties of matter.

Find or draw four pictures of matter that you can describe its properties. One must be not fit into the group. Try not to make it obvious. You are trying to challenge other groups.

Big image
Big image


We will use data to compare groups.

I will collect data and create a rough draft to compare data.


We will plan a first draft.

I will plan a first draft and begin organizing my paragraphs using a sequential graphic organizer.

Word Study

We will use patterns to decode r- controlled vowels.

I will use patterns to decode and spell r- controlled vowels in my green journal.

Annie's Bossy 'r' - Prankster Cam (The Electric Company)


We will make inferences about text and use textual evidence to support the understanding.

I will apply reading strategies and justify answers by find proof in the text.