Culture & Government

In Suriname they have some very different culture. The families don't eat together and waiters don't get tipped at restaurants. The natives eat foods with Asian, African, and European influences. The official language of Suriname is Dutch, but for most informal conversations they speak Sranan Tongo. Sranan Tongo literally translates to "Suriname Language". English is also widely spoken. In Suriname people wear western type clothing, that's pretty much the same type of clothing we wear. So don't worry about that cute new top sticking out like a sore thumb in Suriname!


Caribbean tribes first came to Suriname, followed by Spanish sailors. When they found no gold, they quickly lost interest in the land. The Dutch came next, along with the English and the French. These people brought slaves from Africa, plus workers from China, India, and Java. Today's Surinamese people descend from these groups, along with the Middle Eastern immigrants who came futher on.

Suriname may not be a highly popular country, but it still recieves around 151,000 incoming visitors a year. There are many recreational activities that are highly enjoyable. Due to the fact that it's exceptionally warm in Suriname during the summer, there's been an abundanceof fishing, swimming, outdoor sports, and even puppet shows through out the years. Suriname is a very tropical and welcoming enviornment.

Survival List

1. Umbrella

2. Rain boots

3. Tank tops

4. Jeans or Shorts

5. Open toe shoes

6. Swim Suit

7. Closed toe shoes

8. Light jacket

9. Heavy jacket

10. Gloves

Things to do

-Swimming: There are many lakes, rivers, and creeks in Suriname people often enjoy cooling off in.

-Picnic: There are many beaches by the city's lakes where you would easily be able to have a picnic and socialize with friends and family.

-Tour: Suriname is a great place to tour. There are many malls, dance clubs, movies, and restraunts.

-Music: Music festivals are very common in Suriname and abundant with tons of entertainment.

-Bike Riding: There is plenty of open space and outside areas where you would be able to ride around in or take a jog or maybe a walk with your family.

-Fishing: Fishing is something everyone does at one point in their life, and what better time to do it in beautiful weather and clear water in a gorgeous country, surrounded by your family and friends.

gauranteed to be a trip you will remember.