Parent and Community Engagement

Irving ISD Sept. 13, 2021

Parent & Community Engagement

Madelyn Argueta;

ESSER Parent Education & Community Engagement Lead

Jackie Fritzel;

ESSER Parent Education & Community Engagement Lead

Itzia Iruita;

Parent Engagement Coordinator

Erin Yacho;

Parent Engagement Coordinator

Liesl Payne:

ESSER Parent Engagement & Special Programs Strategist

Dear Families,

We hope you had a great beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. We are so excited to be back with everyone. We are hopeful that our newsletter will provide some tips for parenting, student and adult education, resources, and connection to the community.

If you have not yet filled out our Parent Interest Survey from your school, please look for the Parent Interest Survey or QR code at your kids schools, on your school's social media, or from your school's email. Please fill out our short survey when you have a chance. If you can't find our Parent Engagement Interest Survey, please call your school to speak with the Parent Liaison in your school's Parenting Center.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future newsletters.

If you are an Irving business owner or operator and would like to see how we can work together, please reach out to our Team!

We are here for you!

Your Parent Education and Community Engagement Team-PEaCE

Irving ISD

Transitioning Back To School

Going back to school can be a tough transition for any student at any age. Here are some tips on helping our kids to have a smooth transition.

5 Steps To a Positive Morning Kid Routine

1. Reconnecting every morning

  • 5 minute morning snuggles
  • Holding hands while walking to the kitchen
  • Share some deep breaths together
  • Choose a yoga stretch to do together
  • Write down what you are grateful for each morning

2. Create a Routine

  • Make an organization area for school
  • Add hooks or table for a backpack
  • Bins for folders or homework
  • Morning routine checklist
  • Affirmations jar

3. Do Affirmations

  • Begin each day with strong, positive words. (ex. "I am kind." "I will do my best." "I create happiness for myself."
  • While stating affirmations have your child visualize what they are say.
  • Believe in your statement. If it feels false, know that the more you practice, the more real it becomes.

4. Set the Stage

  • Touch-hug, snuggle, or hold hands
  • Sight-make eye contact, read affirmations
  • Sound- play some soft or favorite music
  • Smell-light candles or use essential oils
  • Taste-mindful sips of water and eat a healthy breakfast

5. Practice and Rehearse

  • Make meaningful goals
  • Making their own breakfast
  • Writing or selecting daily affirmations each week
  • Picking out clothes and getting themselves dressed
  • Creating a positive playlist
  • Being the morning leader who gets everyone up and moving

Path to College & Careers

Your children’s path to college and careers starts in pre-kindergarten and we want to help YOU guide them along their way to success and happiness! We invite you to join us in the virtual Path to College and Careers (PTCC) Parent Discussion Series to increase your KNOWLEDGE POWER regarding:

  • Monitoring and supporting learning progress
  • Strong communication with teachers
  • Advanced and specialized learning in pre-k, elementary, middle and high school
  • Programs and services to support students
  • School activities outside the classroom that help students develop their talents, leadership skills and passions
  • College preparation and career certification programs
  • Paying for college

It is NEVER too early (or too late) to increase your KNOWLEDGE POWER to support your children in their education! So please join us!

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Irving Goes To College

September 21st; 7:00-8:30 PM

National Suicide Prevention Month

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Celebrating our Diverse Cultures!

Music can bring you straight to the heart of a groups cultural heritage. Check out this web site for some world music you may have never heard.

Community Happenings - Trunk or Treat

Register for Trunk or Treat at Heritage Senior Center before Oct. 22nd

Trunk or Treat will be Friday Oct. 29th from 6-8:30 PM

Let's Get Moving!

Sports Day Kids Yoga! 🎾 Yoga Club (Week 56) | Cosmic Kids Yoga

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