Tried, Tested, and Transformed

how the great war changed Canadian Pilots

Flying Through 1914 - 1929

The Great War has made a great contribution to shaping our current society and has created and changed various roles for people.

Tried 1914 - 1918

During the WW1, it was deadly in the skies and the average pilot only lasted about 7 days in combat. We were faced with many difficulties both mentally and physically daily, and had to learn many new techniques to be able to fly. Additionally, we had to fly in fragile planes made from skin, canvas, and wood. During these times, as pilots, we had to be very daring and brave to fly.

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Tested 1919 - 1924

After the war, many Canadian pilots were eager to continue flying. Our desire for more aviation began to further Canadian air travel technology and new roles for pilots. During this time, we as pilots, were able to put our skills to a variety of uses, and began many of Canada's industries/forces.

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Transformed 1925 - 1929

During this time period, there were many different aviation/bush plane companies, and much for us pilots to do. Some of us began performing daring stunts metres above the ground, while other flew across the country. Now we were even able to have passengers and fly them from city to city as a form of transportation.

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