Daintree Wonders

By Angelo Sleiman

The Explorer

Today, Angelo interviewed George Penderson who has just returned from one of his amazing adventures in the Daintree. He has concluded that his andventure to the daintree has been amazing due to how wonderful the nature was with all the beautiful creatures and plants. Lets find out more of his adventures.

The Questions

So George, we were wandering what brought you to explore the Daintree Rainforest?

Well, I really liked some attractions in the Daintree rainforest like the King fern creek, Cooper creek and the beautiful trees in the daintree that brought me to explore them and find out more.

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Was there a lot of human damage in the rainforest?

No, Angelo. There wasn't much damage in the forest but there was a bit of logging in the forest but I hope it stops because if it doesn't, the cassowary won't have a home and they need a home. Also, if it continues, all the trees in the rainforest will be gone and then there will be no more rainforest.

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What types of plants did you find in the Daintree?

Well Angelo, I found a lot of plants but i'll tell you a few. So i found some cauliflory, fan palms, selaginella, native hibiscus, fish tail palms, some idiot fruit and wild ginger. I also tasted new foods like ice cream flavours like Black Sapote, Soursop, Wattle Seed and Jackfruit.

Were there lots of animals?

Yes Angelo, there was actually a lot of animals like the Green tree frog, the Flying fox, the Praying mantis and the southern Cassowary. I really liked how all the animals acted because they did things i have never seen in my life which was pretty interting. I took some photos, would you like to see?

How did you survive for so long?

Well, I got most of my food from hunting and some from the trees. I also got my water from the waterfalls and the streams and I also got medicine for my scratches from plants and rivers sometimes. I got most of shelter from big, tall trees like the fan palm.

Thank You George

Well George, We wanted to thank you for spending some time with us and telling us about your exploration and those were some interesting facts on your adventure to the Daintree. I think most people like all the animals and especially all the ice cream flavours. We hope we can see you again and talk about one of your next adventures