Orange Revolution

A Rigged Election

Election of 2004 Ukraine

Yushchenko vs. Yanukovych

  • Parties: Democratic vs. Party of Regions
  • Yushchekno-democratic
  • Yanukovych-party of regions
  • Yanukovych declared winner
  • Election was rigged by Yanukovych


  • Yushchenko supporter's protested
  • Peaceful protests also unpeaceful protests
  • Known as Orange Revolution
  • Orange is democratic party color

Protests cont.

  • Protests took place in many countries
  • 1 million people protested in Kiev, Ukraine
  • Some stayed in cold tents

Effect - Results

  • Supreme Court made runoff election
  • Runoff elections are elections that settle inconclusive results
  • Yushchenko won next election, became president
  • Economy went down the drain
  • Long-term: Protests didn't accomplish much
  • Short-term: The democratic party took over, Yushchenko became president

Final Overview

Ukraine's 2004 Orange Revolution | Flashback | NBC News

"How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests?"

The people protesting believed that Yushchenko should become president. They demonstrated their belief system through their protests. Whether peaceful or violent protests you could see how strongly these people supported their own thoughts. They supported their ideas by shouting out what they thought or wearing lots of orange to represent the everything they thought should happen.