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The Finest Custom Made Wood Crafts in the Northeast

With over 25 years of wood crafting experience, Rich Caravaggio and the staff of Prime Wood Products produce only the highest quality products, made to order by customer specifications. We pride ourselves, and our customers rave about, our attention to detail, friendly service, and flexibility.

Our expertise:

American Made of the Highest Quality

We specialize in medium and large run pine and cedar products for resale. We have and continue to strive to increase efficiency through improvements in our machinery, tooling, and processes. Our detailed assembly department can finish component pieces so they are ready for resale immediately upon delivery. We ensure a high quality product and an easy process for our customers. Running a business is hard, we take the stress out of your wood product inventory.

See the Difference in Prime Wood Products

From a freshly cut log to a finished product all in one location. Contact us for more information on how we may bring our manufacturing expertise to your company's next wood product.