FSMS Cubs News: Sept. 20-24, 2021


Please read the entire newsletter for important information!

Mr. Vernon's Message

Hey Cubs & Cub Parents!

The first marking period ends Friday, 9/24~ please check your child's grades. Reports will come out the following Friday.

Tutorials have started at FSMS. Tutorials for all teachers (some exceptions due to morning athletics) are each Monday - Thursday morning, from 7:50am - 8:20am. Our doors open at 7:45 am. Friday tutorials with teachers are by appointment, only, so plan ahead for those Fridays!

Please look at our Cub Staff Gram below. If you would like to recognize your child's teacher for doing great things and following our cultural tenets, we will post about them the next week through our newsletter!

If you need anything, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Vernon

Headphones are Needed!


Please remind your students to bring headphones for school. Many times teachers ask students to listen to assignments on their computer, and we also ask students to have headphones in during lunch if they are watching something on their laptops. AirPods do not connect to those devices. Thank you for your help!

Cub Staff Gram!

Each week, we will send this out to you for to recognize an outstanding teacher or staff member that is honoring our cultural tenetsWould you or your student like to recognize one of their teachers or another staff member for the wonderful things they do? If so, see the FSMS Cub Staff Gram below!
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Mrs. Barnes - WE ARE FAMILY

"She is literally the sunshine in my daughter’s transition to middle school.." ~ Leya
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Ms. Varghese is my daughter's, Robotics teacher. She didn’t actually sign up for Robotics, she was assigned to this class- but let me tell you what a blessing Ms. Varghese has been! She has learning difficulties and is neurodivergent, so sometimes she feels like she doesn’t quite fit in with everyone else and some teachers don’t really understand her- but Ms. Varghese truly ‘gets’ her and made her feel truly important- they have connected in a way that has made my daughter so excited about school again! Thank you, Ms. Varghese for being so open hearted and such a blessing to my little wildling!! You are amazing!!. ~Dana Norris Lutz
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Parents - PLEASE READ! - Make sure that your child's device is protected from accidents!

Do you understand the "Optional Chromebook Protection Fee?"

Page 3 of the Student Device Responsible Use Handbook And Agreement explains that the Optional fee is $20 and explains what is and isn't covered and what estimated repair costs will be if chosen not to pay for the protection fee.

An OPTIONAL non-refundable Device Protection Program Fee can be paid to cover accidental damage for the first incident and provide discounts for subsequent accidental damage incidents. If you choose not to pay the OPTIONAL non-refundable Device Protection Fee you are responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement. ○ Payments are made in the My School Bucks online payment system

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More information from our technology department. - STICKERS ON DEVICES

Please remind your children that they are not to put stickers on their chromebooks.

At the rate of needing to exchange the chromebooks for various reasons, the stickers are starting to cause additional damage to the laptops and delay in exchanges.

You may purchase a cover for your child's chromebook (not for sale at the school) so they can then put whatever (school appropriate) stickers they would like onto their case. Cases can be removed and put on their replacement device when necessary.

Per the Student Device Responsible Use Handbook and Agreement

2.5 Personalization of Devices

The District encourages student creativity and personalization while in school to promote a higher sense of ownership in the student’s educational process.

● PERSONALIZATION OF LAPTOPS: If a student purchases a skin or case that snaps onto the laptop, the student may personalize the case with graphics, stickers, and any other decorations that do not violate the Code of Conduct.

● PERSONALIZATION OF IPADS: iPads by nature do not allow for as much personalization as other devices, and as such, a student wanting to personalize his/her iPad will be limited to purchasing a sleeve to place the iPad and District-provided case into for transport and/or storage. Student purchased sleeves may be personalized with graphics, stickers, and any other decorations that do not violate the MISD Student Code of Conduct.

● LOCKSCREEN AND WALLPAPER: Inappropriate pictures may not be used as the Lockscreen and Wallpaper. Inappropriate pictures include, but are not limited to, the presence of weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, tobacco, alcohol, drug, gang-related symbols or pictures. Use of any inappropriate pictures on the device will result in disciplinary actions per MISD Student Code of Conduct


FSMS Football vs.Finley

Tuesday, Sep. 21st, 5:30pm


7th grade game begins at 5:30pm

8th grade game begins immediately after the conclusion of the 7th grade game

Cubs/Lady Cubs Cross Country Meet

Wednesday, Sep. 22nd, 4:30pm

Grandview, TX, USA

Grandview, TX

FSMS Lady Cub Volleyball vs Dieterich Middle School

Thursday, Sep. 23rd, 5:30pm

2881 Ledgestone Lane

Midlothian, TX

B teams play at 5:30pm

A teams begin play immediately following B teams

Student Football Players

7th and 8th grade football players are selecting a teacher and non teacher of the week that have inspired the players

CUBS Around Campus

Honoring our First Responders

Our Student Council made a card and had many of our Cubs sign it to say thank you to our first responders. They presented it to our very own Officer Mallett! Thank you for all you do for us, Officer Mallett!
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District Bullying and Discrimination Tool

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Free and Reduced Meals Application

We are excited about the opportunity for free meals. There is only so much time and funding for these meals. The district has applied for this grant with the federal government and the free meals will happen until the funds for the grant run out. We want to be prepared for when this happens so we still need you to fill out the Free/Reduced Meal Application to continue to receive that option when the funds for the free meals run out. This application has to be filled out every year. During the registration process you were prompted to fill out this application. If you did not, please click on the link below and fill it out now!

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