Technology Summer Tips

Julie Van Reenen


I know that everyone is ready for summer to begin. I just wanted to send this newsletter out to everyone, to remind you of few things. If you have any more questions or concerns, please e-mail me.

The Classroom

Teacher Computers

If you are moving classroom, please do NOT take your teacher computer with you. There will be another teacher computer there. However, PLEASE make sure that you have saved everything from your desktop (Also check your downloads folder) to either your :H Drive or a flash drive. This is to ensure that you still have all of the documents that you want. You are able to access your :H Drive from any computer but not all of your desktop files will transfer.

Student Computers

Also do not move your student computers to your new areas. Each grade level has an assigned amount of student computers they are allowed to have. I will move any extras between the rooms for any grade level room changes.



Your grade level technology representative should be getting a count from you about the number of headphones you have in your classroom. They will also be asking you about the number of broken headphones you have and if you need any extras. Please turn in your broken headphones to your representative.

IF you are moving classrooms, please take your headphones with you to your new area and place them in your cabinet. This will guarantee that you start off the new school year with the same number of headphones and that they are in the same working order. If you need new ones, I will get them to you at the beginning of the next school year.

Black Technology Carts

Before you leave for the summer, please make sure that you lock up your ELMO, projector, and any wires in your black cart. After you have locked your cart, please turn your keys into your technology representative. He/she will then turn the keys into me. Please leave the black carts in their current room. If you have a personal DVD player or other device, you can move it into your new room and lock it up in that cart; or you can take it home/put it in your teacher cabinets.



Also, please don't forget to create an iSupport ticket (formerly known as HEAT) for any broken or damaged equipment in the room you are currently occupying. This will insure that everything will be fixed over the summer and will decrease the amount of new tickets when school begins next school year.

Project Share

Also as a reminder, Project Share will be going away at the end of August. If you have anything saved on project share that you would like to keep, make sure that you login and save an electronic copy to your flash drive. The District has chosen to use Google Sites as our new base for our teacher websites. I will be training everyone on this when we get back in August. However, if you would like a head start on getting your website together, the district will also be offering classes over the summer on Google Sites.

Hope you have a great summer! :)