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The Weekly Roundup

Week Five....

Welcome back to our 2A weekly newsletter.

The fifth week has come to a close.

It's been a busy time as we complete some of our first assessments, that will be administered this afternoon, and building upon the students roles and their responsibilities in class.

This idea of fostering a positive classroom community will be ongoing throughout the year, as we had two specialist classes this week where 2A decided to not follow the classroom expectations, causing each teacher to talk to me about the level of listening skills of some students. I was disappointed at hearing these comments and we are working on how we can resolve these issues and work together as a team, monitoring our behavior. and of others around us. We also spent time during our Writer's Workshop time and drafted a formal apology letter. This was then hand delivered to each teacher respectively.

However, despite these two incidents 2A has, on the most part, using their time efficiently to get the most out of the lessons and learning experiences of each subject.

Please take the time to look through the bulletin, click on the images of your children engaged in learning and feel free to contact me with any queries or issues that may arise.

The Fifth Week

The Subjects


This week we continued to explore the role of measurement in the real world, making the connection that a standardized unit, such as a centimeter (cm) or meter (m) is both more efficient and helpful when measuring objects,

We are now familiar with which measuring tool would be most efficient when measuring the length of a range of objects.

We are completing this unit with an assessment designed to exhibit what the students have learned from the lessons and where they still may need support. I will marking these in the next few days and will be going over the answers with students in the coming math lessons.

The next unit, students will be increasing their number knowledge up to 1000.

We will begin with the concept of bundling many smaller units (ie: tens) to make one larger unit (ie: a hundred). This foundational unit will support the students understanding when working with larger numbers up to 1000 and it sets the stage for later units on triple addition/subtraction and repeated addition.

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Reader's Workshop

This week sees 2A begin to wrap up their unit on Strong Reading Habits. This is a great unit to set the foundation of reading for the coming year, echoing the theme that as growing readers they need to take charge of their reading, whether it be how they read, for what length and what strategy do they use when they encounter tricky words or passages that they do not understand.

Next week we will reflect upon our reading habits, and set personal reading goals. These goals will tie nicely into our next unit, Reading Strategy Bootcamp.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop we have moved through the writing process and our now currently publishing our personal narrative pieces.

This has been a very important unit as it has outlined the writing process that all authors progress through, but it also has made them accountable for their revising and editing of their draft, ensuring that they are making their story the best that it can be.

The help of our writing checklists and rubrics were very supportive throughout the revising and editing process and these are embedded below.

Once these are completed we will be presenting our personal narratives to our peers. It is when an authentic audience has a chance to read our completed work that we feel that we have finally completed the writing process.

The original copies will be going home in a few weeks after I have made photocopies of each narrative.

Social Studies

We completed our Social Studies unit with two lessons focusing on our role as digital citizens in a digital community. With the widespread availability of technology and instant access to the internet, it proved to be a very interesting set of lessons.

The main focus for this aspect of the unit is to outline that there are few differences between being a pro-active and positive citizen within a community in the real world and being a digital citizen within a digital community. We have a better perspective of no matter the community, citizens should be respectful, honest, considerate, and responsible.

We discussed the need to keep safe when online, making sure that we tell someone if we stumble upon a website that gives us a bad feeling, or makes us uncomfortable. We also looked closely at not giving out our personal details online on websites or to others that may want to chat with us through websites and video games. We looked at a few online scenarios as to what would be the best way to handle these situations. Another point that was discussed was how easy it is to share photographs and videos online and that we need to stop and think if we want the entire digital community to view it, knowing that if we did post or share something it will be on the internet for a very long time.

Below are a few resources that you may find useful to further discuss your child's internet access and a few hints and tips as to how best monitor your child's digital lifestyle.

There is a video that I did not show to Grade Two, that really defines what it would be like if the choices we made online were reflected in real life. Take a look at it and then use it as a conversation piece or to outline a few precautions.

Next week we are looking forward to our new science unit all about the life cycles of plants and animals. We’ll begin by dissecting a seed in the science lab!

Jigsaw: for 8 -10 year olds

Exploratory Time

Last week we looked at what the Engineering Design Process (EDP) looks like and how we will go about moving through the process.

We looked at how we can find simple everyday problems and either make a solution for them or redesign and further perfect an existing solution. We looked at a range of Japanese inventions as inspiration, planting the seed that a solution doesn't have to be a high tech gadget.

The class has been divided into 4 groups. these four groups will work through the EDP together before they work through it as individuals. Each time has provided me with a name for their team. Feel free to ask what team your child is in as there are some very creative names!

Each team will be assigned the same challenge that involves the building of a bridge with a list of resources to support the weight of a whiteboard marker caddy. If the structure fails on test day, they have the opportunity to redesign and have a final test time at the end of the week.

It will be a great time for the students to get into the spirit of being in a team, working out a plan, how best to execute it, and all other situations that arise when working as a team towards a common goal.

I will post photographs and videos next week.

Below is the process that 2A will be guided through in the following months.

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Things To Do:

Keeping the Body and Mind Active


A free site that allows children to take a 'brain break'.

It's fun and addictive!

Things To Know:

PTA Book Fair

The PTA is excited to bring this annual opportunity for students, parents and teachers to buy new books. There will be lots of fantastic titles not available in Doha. Prices rage from 15 QR to 80 QR

2A is scheduled for Monday 12th at 8:00 - 8:20AM.

You are most welcome to visit the Upper Elementary Presentation Room with your child at from 7:40AM at the beginning and ending of the school day.

If you would like your child to join you outside of our scheduled time please contact me prior so I can arrange your child to be ready when needed.

Halloween Carnival

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 5:30-7:30pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

This year our SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Carnival will be held at ASD on Tuesday October 27th from 5:30-7:30pm. All students Pre-K - Grade 5 are invited to attend.

We need parent volunteers!

If you interested in helping please fill out the form sent home with your child or contact

Tickets will be sold BEFORE the carnival. Ticket forms will be sent home Thursday October 15th.

This event is for ASD students and their families ONLY.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, Oct. 25th, 7:30am to Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 3:30pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

The annual Pumpkin Patch will be held in the Administration Foyer from Sunday, October 25th - Tuesday, October 27th from 7:30am-3:30pm.

This is a cash ONLY event that everyone really enjoys and is a great opportunity to do some Halloween shopping. Items include fun gadgets, yummy treats, pumpkins and decorations.

Homeroom Activities and Money Request Form

Here is a copy of the Homeroom Request Form in case it did not make it home.

If you have not completed it, please download, print it, fill it out and send it to school in your child's blue folder.

October Dates At A Glance

October 11-14 PTA Book Fair

October 18 Let’s Do Math Workshop: Grade 2 Parents

October 21/22 Parent/Teacher Conferences (3:40-7:20, 7:40-12:00)

October 27 Halloween Classroom Party

October 27 Halloween Carnival

October 27 Full Day Tuesday – Thursday Schedule

October 28 PD Day – No Students

October 29 Day Off

November 8 AMA Bake Sale

November 20 PTA Gala Dinner

November 24 Full Day of School – Regular Tuesday morning schedule

November 25 Thanksgiving Classroom Celebrations

November 25 End of Trimester 1

November 26 Thanksgiving – No School

Arab Mothers Association Fundraising Activities

The Arab Mothers Association fundraisers will be hosted every second Thursday of each month.