The second most abundant mineral in your body!


Phosphorus is a very essential element in building strong bones. About 85% of the phosphorus in your body can be found in your bones and teeth.

Here is a chart that gives your RDAs.

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for Phosphorus

Life Stage Age Males
(mg/day) Females

Infants 0-6 months100 (AI) 100 (AI)

Infants 7-12 months 275 (AI) 275 (AI)

Children 1-3 years 460 460

Children 4-8 years 500 500

Children 9-13 years 1,250 1,250

Adolescents 14-18 years 1,250 1,250

Adults 19 years and older700 700

Pregnancy18 years and younger- 1,250

Pregnancy 19 years and older- 700

Breast-feeding 18 years and younger- 1,250

Breast-feeding19 years and older- 700

Phosphorus is found in almost all foods because it is a critical element of survival for all living organisms. High traces of phosphorus are often found in many meats, fish and dairy products. There is also a lot of phosphorus in beans, peas,cereal and nuts but not all of it is available because we lack the enzymes used to liberate the phosphorus in these foods.

This element is essential because it preforms a number of functions that aid human life. First, phosphorus can combine with calcium to form strength and rigidity to bones and teeth. Phosphorus is vital to the process known as metabolism in the human body. It helps to maintain an average pH level, assists in getting oxygen to tissues and aids in turning fat and carbohydrates to energy.

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Too much phosphorus and too little phosphorus

Symptoms of phosphorus deficiency include loss of appetite, anxiety, bone pain, fragile bones, stiff joints, fatigue, irregular breathing, irritability, numbness, weakness, and weight change. In children, decreased growth and poor bone and tooth development may occur.

Too much phosphorus can cause:

  • bone and heart problems that lead to hospital stays and in some cases death
  • too much PTH to be released, which over time can weaken bones and make them more likely to break and develop renal osteodystrophy
  • low blood calcium, which causes calcium to be taken from the bones
  • calcification or hardening of tissues when phosphorus and calcium form hard deposits in the heart, arteries, joints, skin or lungs that can be painful and lead to serious health problems
  • bone pain
  • itching


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