Marvelous Mississippi !

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Come to the home of the worlds largest river, can you guess which state it is? Mississippi! Come and see awesome museums, zoos plus more!

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Hop into the car and drive to a world of wonder, in other words Mississippi! You could go on tour bouts, and cruise Mississippi River in first class style ! Or you could see could see Elves' birthplace, as you can see there is fun for adults plus children!

Amazing Mississippi History!

Indiginous people have lived in what is called the state of Mississippi for a millenum. Native American traditions were kept throughout this time, the Europeans settlers of the past made records of the people they met. The bottom of the Mississippi Delta was still 90% not developed. In the 21st century the state improved heath and professional communities such as Jackson.

Cotton is very important to Mississippi's past and present. Before the civil war slaves were used to grow and harvest the crop for landowners. Today, the United States is the third largest cotton producer in the world and Mississippi, Texas, Arizona and California grow most of it.

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Fun Mississippi Info

1.Major Industries: Electronics production, fishing, and manufacturing.

2.Flag:Square Confederate flag over horizontal red , white and blue stripes.

3. Tree: Magnolia.

4.Flower: Magnolia.

5.Rock:Petrified wood

6. State Fish: Large Mouth Bass

7.Motto: By valor and arms!

8.Song: Go Mississippi

9. Approximate Population: 2,994,100

10. Size Ranking: 32

Fun Town Mississippi!p

Love Rock-n-roll? Go experience Elvis's birthplace and listen to an eclectic variety of Classic Rock in Downtown Tupelo!

Cruise on America's Largest River, the Mississippi, on an authentic Steamboat. The steamboat was created in the 19th century. It was special because it could transport both people and cargo for sale. The boats were powered by steam so the boat could go both down river and up river against powerful currents. Ride a Steamboat and enjoy.

Or go visit dolphins at the marine life Oceanerium. You can also splash around the trilling water roller coaster at Golf Island water park. Mississippi also offers plenty of educational activities like the Museum of Natural Science and Jack's zoological park.