What Am I?

By Reggie Parks


I am almost like a note book.

Girls/women usually use me when they have no one to talk to about something.

I am something people usually writes there problems or how there life is going in.

I can have a lot of different textures I can be soft,rough and etc.

I am also very light as in weight size i'm very easy to take places.

I was used by Anne Frank and I belong to Anne Frank.

This is very important to Anne because she writes about every thing thats happening in her personal life and her life while hiding in the annex.

I found this object in the room of Anne Frank.

Today I heard Anne crying for help in her sleep. Anne was having a bad dream as if the Nazis were there to take them from the annex. Mr.Dussel was telling her to be quiet and go back to sleep but she keep on screaming and yelling No!NO!NO! So here father Mr.frank came down and told her every thing is going to be ok don't worry, So just go back to sleep nothing is going to happen to us Anne.
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