McEachern Scouting Report


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# 3 A. Jones Senior 6-1


Right Handed Runs The Show, Looks to Score In Transition, Will get in Passing Lanes......

#10 Darius Jones SG 6-1

Best Player Scorer, Shooter, Best Scorer Take Him Out Of The Basketball Game...

#30 Isaac Martin SF 6-4

Lefty Shooter Shooter

#11 Bryce Smith P 6-7

Big Body Keep Off The Glass, Not A Great Post Player Crashed Hard

#5 Tre Peoples W 6-4

Crashes the glass hard, Goes Right looks to attack

McEachern Defense

- Man to Man HC Will Jump Passing Lanes

-41 Press Diamond

McEachern Offense

- Transition Offense

- Flex Offense

-Set 1 (Set for 3 to get a shot)

- Set 2 Double Ball Screen 11 Rolling

Blue Collar

Keys to Victory

- Take 10 and 3 Out of the basketball game!

- Value The Basketball

- Block out Every Time Down The Court

- Attack