Tech in the Building

February & March 2014

Schedule Shift

Due to snow days, Parent/Teacher conference and our upcoming spring break, I am combining February and March to get a day in at each building. April will be the last scheduled month for Tech in the Building this school year.

If you could have help shifting one lesson to include technology, which lesson would that be?

Location & Dates

Hillside Elementary - Thursday, February 20

ECC/TriCounty - Friday, February 21 (9am-11am)
Larned Middle School - Tuesday, February 25
Phinney Elementary - Tuesday, March 4
Northside Elementary - Thursday, March 6
Larned High School - Tuesday, March 11

When you have to shift your lessons to include technology, how will you do it?

I'd love to talk about this shift when I'm in your building or any other available time.

What if I'm gone the day my building is scheduled?

No problem! You can always email and schedule another time to meet with me. Just provide a day and time that works for you.