Mountain pygmy possums

by Olivia 3D

Mountain pygmy possums are native Australian marsupial mammals.

The scientific name for the mountain pygmy possum is burramys parvus. The mountain pygmy possum can have light brown or brown fur. They are the size of an adult’s palm. They live in Australian alpine areas, mostly Mount Kosciusko, the tallest mountain in Australia. They mostly live under boulders above the snow line.

There are two different types of mountain pygmy possums. One type lives in the mountains and the other type lives in the rainforest.

The mountain pygmy possum eats small insects, seeds, nectar, pollen, bottle brushes and eucalypt blossoms. The mountain pygmy possum gives birth to live young. The predators and dangers to the mountain pygmy possums are ski resorts (that are building on top of their habitats), snakes, goannas, feral cats and cars.

Building in their environment should be stopped.