The Huricane

By Rhett Wells

facts about hurricane David

- Hurricane David was the strongest and deadliest hurricane of the 1979

- killed 2,068

- over $1.5 billion in damage.

- category 5 hurricane and was it struck Florida as a category 2 hurricane.

FormedAugust 25, 1979

DissipatedSeptember 8, 1979

Where were you during the Hurricane

"During the hurricane I was at my grandparents when the Hurricane hit, it was very scary."

Were you affected by the Hurricane

"Yes we were. We were all scared when we heard a loud BOOM!!!!! After the Hurricane we found out that the loud noise was from the neighbors roof drilling our house which was very frightening."
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Tips you would give to other people

- One tip she said was be prepared

- take cover

- do what ever possible to stay safe

how it formed

form from being near the equator and over warm ocean water.

where did it form

it went threw many different countries but its main target was the U.S which ended up hitting Florida which was very devastating.