What is Arachnophobia?

By Toby H-W

What is it?

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. The signs and symptoms of someone suffering with Arachnophobia are a feel of unease around any area that could have spiders. For example seeing a cob web. Other symptoms are crying, screaming or signs of trouble breathing, excessive sweating or heart problems when they come into contact with one.

Behavioural Characteristics

When confronted with a spider, the behavioural reaction can be in the form of fight or flight. The sight of a spider can lead to the victim running away in fear. This is because the combination of there emotional response and there cognitive response lead to a idea that they aren't safe.

Emotional Characteristics

The emotional response to seeing a spider can be in the form of crying or extreme sweating or just simply shock. This can be very dangerous in affecting how the victim copes with life situations, as the constant presence of spiders can lead to extreme problems such as the fear of leaving there home.

Cognitive Characteristics

The cognitive response can lead to the irrational fear of that the spider is out to harm you. That when you see one it will attack you and that you can be left in pain. This can be shown through shaking or even just breathing heavier.

Treatment of Arachnophobia

There are two main ways of dealing with Arachnophobia. Firstly threw the use of Behavioural Cognitive Therapy, this is done by introducing mild exposure to a spider to try remove there fears that they will cause any damage. Secondly threw Systematic Destination techniques, which can be done through calming the person down through massages or yoga therapy.