May 9-13

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Upcoming Events:

* Testing continues next week.

* You will notice less regular homework due to testing. However, students will have reading in Golden Goblet that they may have time to work on, if they finish the tests before our allotted time is over.

Grades/Late Work

This is a reminder to have your child check in on Aeries for missing work. Missing work would appear as a red box in Aeries. Sometimes I haven't entered grades yet, and your child may see a blank white box. This does NOT indicate a missing assignment.

Also, there are always Mildred papers in the no-name tray that go unclaimed--students who are sure they have turned work in will find their no-names here.

Also, please remember that the late work policy is that work will be accepted within a week of it being due, except for extraordinary circumstances. Students should not be doing missing work from a long time ago! The focus should be on turning current assignments in on time. Thanks!

Questions to ask:

* What does it mean to find the area of a shape by "decomposing" it? (break it down into manageable shapes, like triangles and parallelograms, find the areas, then add them together)

* How is the formula for area of a trapezoid related to the formula for a parallelogram?

* How do you find the length of a side when a shape is drawn on a coordinate grid ? (Might help if your child draws a coordinate grid, and draws a shape, then explains)

* What is happening in Golden Goblet now?

* Does Ranofer like his new job?

* Tell me about your Lit. Circle assignment for Tuesday. What is your role in your discussion?

* What week are you on in your vocabulary study? (Week 23!)

* What was the prefix this week and what does it mean? (In- : no, not , without, none) * What end of the year activity are you most looking forward to and why?

* What are the two main questions to ask before starting to write anything? (Who is the audience and what is the purpose of the writing)