Save Brushy Creek Trails

Possible transmission lines will destroy part of the trail

What is happening??

The LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) is planning to put up transmission lines straight through the Brushy Creek Trails!! In the future, there is/was going to be 15 miles of continuous trails, and if they put up these transmission lines, 2.5 miles will be taken out, in place of the power lines. See below for the facts!
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The Facts

- There will be roughly 10 towers along the Brushy Creek trail

- These towers will be 1,300 feet apart

- These towers are 80-140 feet tall, and need a clearing of 60-100 feet below them

- One of these towers is as tall as about 23, 6 ft tall men

- The destroyed trail will be the same length as 13,200 school textbooks

- The whole future trail will be the same length as 79,200 school textbooks

- The vegetation loss will be 1,320,000 sq ft

My Maps

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My Proposed Route

My Proposed route is the black line, without the N3 inside of it. I chose this route because it does not go along the Brushy Creek Trail, so it won't destroy any of it. The N3 route will demolish 2.5 miles of the trail, and mine destroys 0 miles. Mine also isn't that much more distance than the N3, and it connects everything like it's supposed to. My proposed route is approximately 15.1 miles long.
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What can I do to help??

You can send letters to the LCRA, proposing a new route. With enough letters the LCRA has promised to change courses. Letters will have to be sent in by February 1st, 2016.