I So Don't Do Mysteries

By: Barrie Summy


This book takes place at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, California. It is in the middle of June when they go to California. Sherry is mad because she has to be there her whole summer brake, which is two months!


  • Sherry-protagonist.
  • Junie-Sherry's bestfriend.
  • Josh-Sherry's crush.
  • Paula (The Ruler)- Sherry's math teacher (Stepmom).
  • Sam- Her eight year old brother.
  • Mom-Died in an on duty police incident.

Main Problem

The main problem of I So Don't Do Mysteries is that Sherry's dad is marrying her math teacher and making Sherry go spend summer break in California with her aunt. Sherry's mom died, and Sherry must save her dead mothers life at the Wild Animal Park so her mom can watch over her and her little brother. Sherry has to help her mom by solving a mystery in California. But, Sherry is terrible at mysteries.....


  • Exposition-Sherry finds out her dad is marrying her math teacher.
  • Rising Action-Sherry's mom comes to her house to tell her about her mission the save her after death life.
  • climax-Sherry goes to California.
  • Falling Action-She helps her mom figure out the mystery.
  • Resolution-They solve the mystery.

One of the best books published!

I So Don't Do Mysteries (book trailer)