Author: Sarah Darer Littman

The introdcution

The plot of my book is where Lara sees this guy on Facebook and she likes him and talks to him a lot. But after a while they start talking and getting closer there is a twist and thats where the climax starts. she is so shocked that he would ever say that to her, and why he would say that to her because she thought that he really liked her.... (you have to read the book to know more about what happened)

about the author

She is a winner of the Sydney Taylor book award. When she is not writing novels she is an award winning columnist for the site CT News Junkie. She teaches creative writing as a professor in the MFA program at Western Connecticut State University.

My book review

My book is about a girl named Lara Kelly and she is in middle school, Lara has a younger sister named Sydney. She tries out for the varsity cheer leading team and Lara makes it but this girl she knows named Bree doesn't and she gets really mad and wants revenge on Lara. Bree also has a younger brother named Liam that is the same age as Sydney.

the book type

If you like a very dramatic book then this is your type of book. It is dramatic but sad at the same time. I would recommend this book to people that like dramatic and sad books but if you do like those types of books then this is a book that you have to read.

my favorite part

My favorite part of the book is when Lara's younger sister Sydney goes over to liam"s house/Bree's. she goes up into there old tree fort that there dads built together when there sisters where friends. when Sydney got to the top of the tree house she saw liam sitting there alone. so she said hi. she went inside the tree house and sat across from him. they started talking more often now and they became friends. after that day they even started to sit on the bus beside each other. I think that was my favorite part because that's when the two main characters siblings come together and be friends again.

The protagonist and the antagonist

The protagonist in my book i this Lara Kelly because she is the main charter in the book. she is also the most talked about and most of the drama comes from her. I think that the antagonist is Bree Connors because she didn't make the cheer leading team and Bree fleet when she didn't make the team she was really mad that Lara made the team. but Lara did make the team and Bree wants to make Lara learn a lesson.But Lara has been doing cheer leading for many years.

what I think about my book

I think my book is really good because I like books that have a lot of drama and comedy but that are also sad. I would say that this book was really good for me and it taught me not to trust all people on the internet. On the front of my book it says "what happens online doesn't always stay online...

The Pitch

what is book great and easy to read and understand. this book is also great because I love drama books and sad books all in one. I like it lot because its in peoples point of view.
If you want to read the book

go to Backlash-goodreaders If you don't know what one it is its the one with ( under it