The Wildcat SPLASH & DASH

October 9th 5:30 -7:00 PM



-Steven Anderson, Educator


Mary Helen Guest PTA is excited to host our second annual Splash and Dash Color Run. The run will take place on Friday, October 9th 5:30-7:00pm. As we all know, it takes a village to run a successful event and we need your help! We have created an online sign-up for any and all who would like to assist. Click on the link below to view the slots and sign up. If you plan to run with your children, please see if you can find a friend to cover for you while you run. We really appreciate our volunteers! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


More raffle tickets will be available on Tuesday. Thank you to all who have sold at least 10 tickets. Your effort benefits every student at Guest!


On Friday, October 9, 5:30 - 7:00pm, the Mary Helen Guest family will lace up their running shoes, dress in a white t-shirt, and celebrate an evening of healthy families exercising together! Our second annual Color Splash and Dash Run.

Mary Helen Guest Elementary

Team Guest Raffle

Color Splash & Dash Family Run 2015

The MH Guest PTA is proud to announce our 2015-2016 fundraising effort! The PTA sponsors many great events for student enrichment and family fun. Our PTA funds reading programs, classroom technology, educational assemblies and more. This year the PTA has many awesome events planned, including a family dance, G.R.A.N.D., the annual variety show and our biggest fundraiser, The Team Guest Raffle and Color Splash & Dash. The more funds we raise, the more amazing things we can provide for our children and our school.

All children were given 10 raffle tickets. We are hoping that every student will sell at least ten tickets to family and friends over the course of the next few weeks. Cash prizes will be drawn at our Color Splash & Dash.

Team Guest Raffle Tickets:

$5.00 per ticket or 5 Tickets for $20.00

Each ticket should be sold for $5.00.

If one person would like to purchase a “five-pack” of tickets, the cost is $20.00

Cash or checks accepted. Please make checks out to Mary Helen Guest PTA.

Winning Values for the Raffle: Our Goal $12,000

1st Place $500.00 Per Child $40

2nd Place $250.00 Per Family (more than 1 child) $60

3rd Place $150.00

Rules and Regulations:

· The person purchasing the ticket(s) must be 18 years or older. Please ensure that the person’s name on the tickets is at least 18 years or older.

· Please do not allow your child to go door-to-door or to any location to sell tickets by him/herself. An adult should always accompany each student. The safety and well being of our children is our first and foremost concern! MH Guest families are encouraged to sell tickets to friends, family and co-workers.

Student Incentives:

Yes! We are raising money for our students – with an ultimate goal that all children feel engaged and rewarded for their hard work and efforts. We want every student to be a part of this exciting fundraiser.

Top 5 Sellers:

The top 5 students who raise the most money will receive:

4 passes for bowling at Wonderland Lanes

Plus, their choice of 1 option below:

Lunch with the Principal

Host for the day on our Morning Announcements

Every Student will be recognized!

Each student who raises $40.00 or more will:

Have his/her name posted on a bulletin board and receive a certificate of appreciation.

Classroom with the most dollars raised will receive a gift certificate for the fall book fair.

All classrooms with 100% participation will receive popsicles at block recess time.

Included with this letter:

10 Raffle Tickets per student to sell

Collection form

How to turn in your tickets

Please send your ticket stubs and money to school on any of the three turn-in dates, in a Ziploc bag or envelope, with the turn-in form that was distributed with the raffle tickets. Turn in form can be found under attachments on the SKYLERT system.

Turn in dates:

Thursday, September 24

Thursday, October 1

Thursday, October 8 – Final Turn in day

Color Splash & Dash:

To celebrate our fundraiser and promote exercise and healthy living, we will be hosting our second annual Color Splash & Dash on Friday, October 9, 2015. The Team Guest Raffle drawing will be held at the end of the run.This is a fun-filled Color Run for the entire family. The run, which is sponsored by PTA, will be held at MH Guest, beginning at 5:30pm. If you are not familiar with this type of run, participants will run, walk or stroll around the course while being “splashed” with washable powder paints; a sure way to impress any elementary child!

Need more tickets? – Contact Leslie Kirk at or include the number you need on either of the first two turn-in forms!

Questions…Please contact Leslie Kirk 248-624-6329 or or Amy Stasak at

Click HERE to enjoy last school year's Splash & Dash


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