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They ensure financial record help business financial record

Organize and maintain financial records. suggest way to reduce cost and to gain profit.

compose taxes owed prepare tax returns and ensure that taxes are paid properly and on time

You need a bachelor. Every accountant filing a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission is required by law to be a Certified Public Accountant. Many other accountants choose to become a CPA to enhance their job prospects or to gain clients. Many employers will often pay the costs associated with the CPA exam.

Math skills

Organizational skills

Communication skills


30.55 a hour

63.55 a hour

Most work in offices although some work from home. Work for a accounted is very fast paced and many times is stressful. most of them travel to there clients business.

“The U.S. tax code was written by A students. Every April 15, we have to pay somebody who got an A in accounting to keep ourselves from being sent to jail.”

P. J. O'Rourke

“I don't really care about money. I find money boring and accounting boring, so I'm probably not going to ever make a lot of money.”

Juliana Hatfield

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Business accounting Since it teaches you what accounting internship so you could get a job.

math club.

Work in businesses to know how a business works.

  1. Dr Paskowski Science teacher

  2. Jesus Lopez SR

  3. David Business owner

Business majors

CPAs are licensed by their state’s Board of Accountancy. Becoming a CPA requires passing a national exam and meeting other state requirements. Almost all states require CPA candidates to complete 150 semester hours of college coursework to be certified, which is 30 hours more than the usual 4-year bachelor’s degree. Many schools offer a 5-year combined bachelor’s and master’s degree to meet the 150-hour requirement, but a master’s degree is not required.

Describe 1 possible intern/apprentice experience that would help prepare you for this career. Provide the position and possible places of employment.

. University of Texas – Austin, McCombs School of Business University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, College of Business . Brigham Young University, Marriott School of Management University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce Michigan State University, Broad College of Business

Austin Texas


Brigham young


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