September 16, 2014

What is a PLC?

Work with your team to reflect and remember the components and big rocks of a Professional Learning Community? You can use your devices to help your research. Be ready to share out.
Solution Tree: Rick DuFour on Groups vs. Teams

PLC Nuts & Bolts

PLC Folder on Google Drive

Show Data Folder too

SLO & PPG Process for Educator Effectiveness

Grade Level Team Assignments

Kindergarten Teachers + Amanda Pascoe & Cathy Allen-Schneider

First Grade Teachers + Amelia Holman

Second Grade Teachers + Clarice Drummond

Third Grade Teachers + Leslie DuBois, Betsy Friese & Mary Huberty

Fourth Grade Teachers + Mary Karl

** We may look at an option where some staff rotate between a few grade levels. This may transpire as we get going with PLC's this year.